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STEM in your hands
A fun and educating activity using smart cubes for all ages and abilities
GoCube is a sophisticated app-enabled cube which engages new innovative ways of learning: mini games to improve personal cognitive skills, interactive tutorials, exciting challenges and social activities.
GoCube can be used in classes, libraries, clubs, and makerspaces
Three ways of engaging GoCube in your curriculum
Improve Personal Skills
Solving the Cube, Play, Learn and improve
GoCube fosters creativity, problem solving, computational thinking and focus through fun play and experience. The activities can be teacher-led or self-guided, and so the progress can continue in any time and environment.
Benefits to students include
Problem Solving
Compotational Thinking
Personal Achievement
Independed Learning
Improve Social Skills
Class-level missions,
teamwork and competitions
Competitions: GoCube offers various competitive challenges; where students can compete against each other as individuals or as teams, enhancing sportsmanship, perseverance, teamwork, and self-accomplishment
Collaborative Art: Imagine, design, plan and create awesome mosaics using multiple GoCube as colored pixels, engage students to work and achieve together.
Teamword And Collab
Self Confidence
Self Confidence
Promotion Of School
Improve Coding Skills
grasp the basic elements of software, make fun and creative projects
GoCube is equipped with many, many sensors, LEDs, and connectivity options.
Use all of these features, and the basic knowledge of coding, to turn GoCube into a remote control, a smart lock for your phone, an alarm clock, and many more fun projects!
Beginning coders can use GoCube to grasp the basic elements of software, while more experienced coders can use GoCube to embark on a new, complex and creative project. The project may be shared in classes, on social media, and in makerspaces!
21st Century Skills
Problem-Solving skills
Computational Thinking
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