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How Solving A Rubik's Cube Can Help You Ace Your Exams

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How Solving A Rubik’s Cube Can Help You Ace Your Exams

Puzzle games and toys are designed to make your brain think and exercise its thought processes. These games are great for developing cognitive functions and analytical thinking for people of all ages, although these are most effective for developing the brains of younger ages. It is also a productive way of testing the capacities of the brain and at the same time, having fun while solving these puzzles.

One of the most famous and most challenging puzzle toys is the Rubik’s Cube. The Rubik’s Cube is a puzzle toy that is in the form of 26 movable miniature cubes that form one whole cube. These miniature cubes are colored differently on the sides facing outward. The goal of this puzzle toy is to recreate the whole cube by rotating the miniature cubes to complete all the panel colors for each side of the whole cube.

The Rubik’s Cube has a standard size of a 3 x 3 panel, and it also has several variations in sizes and shapes. The popularity of the Rubik’s Cube has reached the international acclaim such that there have been several competitions and world records centered around this toy. Many people have taken interest in solving this puzzle in the fastest way that they can, and the record holders can even solve the puzzle in less than five seconds whereas the average person would take several minutes.

The puzzle toy has truly pushed enthusiasts to surpass the limits of their minds and it has shown to have positive effects on brain development. Since this puzzle toy helps in brain development, it might have several effects for students who are struggling with their studies. Students can also rely on online study guides, courses, and review platforms such as My GRE Exam Preparation when they are having difficulties in their studies and at the same time improve their thinking skills by learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube. So, what exactly are these benefits in solving a Rubik’s cube?

Improves memorization skills

When learning how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, there will be several methods available for you to learn. Some speed solvers use their own unique methods but there are also several methods used by the majority. These methods consist of several steps and pattern identification which requires great memorization skills. It will also require you to memorize several patterns to proceed with the next moves of the solving method.

Also, in the process of solving you will need to simultaneously remember all of the faces of the cube to continuously make moves without checking the other surfaces every now and then. By practicing the cube regularly, you will notice an improvement in your memory. This will make it easier to memorize more information in a short amount of time. 

Improving your memorization skills is also vital for studying. Studying for an exam requires memorizing different facts, concepts, formulas, and other relevant matters to the subject. By having an improved memory, you can take in more information efficiently and you are more likely to utilize your stored knowledge during the time of the examination.

Trains analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is an important skill that can be used in almost any situation. When solving puzzles, we are required to think analytically to determine the best possible options to solve the current problem in front of us. This helps us to determine and identify the key problems in any situation, helping us break them down into manageable portions.

In solving the Rubik’s Cube, each method is broken down into several steps. This helps train analytical thinking since you will be required to focus on each step and analyze the current patterns of the cube. In taking examinations, analytical thinking will help us see the problem as smaller and divided parts. This can help in determining which step must first be taken to solve a given problem in any examination. If you have improved your analytical thinking skills, you will be less likely to be intimidated by long and complicated problems, and you will be able to break it into more manageable parts.

Helps in time management

To take the task of solving the Rubik’s Cube farther, some people time themselves to measure how fast they can solve the puzzle. By timing yourself, you will have more awareness of how much time you are taking on completing each step to solve the puzzle. This can also apply to your studies, since studying for an exam comes with a limited time, especially if you are cramming for an exam on the following day. Learning how to manage your time appropriately for each part of the exam coverage can help you increase your chances of scoring higher, since you will be more prepared due to efficient time management.

Improves reflexes

When solving a Rubik’s Cube in a fast-paced manner, you will be more likely to commit mistakes and make wrong moves. Your awareness every time you make a wrong move will be heightened through constant practice and it will improve your reflexes. You will notice that you can immediately correct your mistakes and take the accurate steps to get back on track.

During examinations, you are also prone to making the same mistakes due to carelessness and rushing to solve a problem. By improving your reflexes, you will be able to recover easily from errors. This can save you from taking too much time correcting your mistakes during a timed examination. 

Enhances concentration time

Concentration is also trained when solving a Rubik’s Cube. A person’s concentration time is the time that the brain is fully focused on completing the task that is currently being done. Most people’s their concentration wavers every few minutes, affecting their brain’s output and performance. Training to increase concentration time is also helpful when preparing for your exam. This helps you concentrate on taking in information for longer periods, making your study times more efficient.  Less time will be spent on breaks and more time will be allotted for studying, thus securing a higher chance to ace an examination.

These puzzles and toys may seem insignificant, but anything that pushes us to make use of our brains is a good way to spend our time. Training our brain with the Rubik’s Cube develops our analytical skills which leads to accessing more of our brain’s potential.

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