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The Best Cubing YouTube Channels for 2021


The Best Cubing YouTube Channels for 2021

The Rubik’s cube is an immensely popular puzzle that has achieved a cult-status among players. Lately, it has become more mainstream, evidenced by the number of YouTube channels that focus on this game. If you find solving the cube challenging or would like to learn tips and tricks from the pros, follow these YouTube channels.

Here are some of the best cubing YouTube channels:

1. GoCube

GoCube official has the best quality beginner 3×3 tutorials. The channel also includes technical support, reviews, and demos. The channel has approximately 1K subscribers.

2. Redkb

Kenneth’s Redkb has more than 300,000 subscribers. He provides excellent cube reviews, design patterns, and unboxings with a charm that is unique to him.

3. TheMaoiSha

TheMaoiSha is the most-subscribed Rubik’s cube channel on this list, with over 1.2M subscribers. TheMaoiSha is a Spanish content creator who regularly offers tips, insider views, and useful reviews.

4. Cuby

The Cuby has close to 280,000 subscribers and is a great place to understand various cubing techniques. The channel offers novel tips to improve your game.

5. MeMyselfAndPi

With around 140,000 subscribers, MeMyselfAndPi offers the most popular tutorials in the cubing community. The channel also offers tips on modifying puzzles which will help you solve them better.

6. Crazybadcuber

Dan Fast provides content videos about puzzle-modding, speed-cubing, sneak peeks to new product with plenty of fan interaction. Dan has 180,000 subscribers and is a mini-celebrity among the cubing community.

7. KaiXevandStanley

Tony Fisher is one of the most notable custom puzzle designers who began building and modding in the 80s. His YouTube channel has more than 120,000 subscribers who are there just for his quality content.

8. Fazrulz1

Feliks Zemdegs is a Rubik’s Cube world champion. He publishes championship videos , tips for getting better at solving, and reviews on his vlog, which has more than 190,000 subscribers.

9. OskarPuzzle

Oskar van Deventer is a Dutch puzzle designer and inventor who has a large following on his YouTube channel “OskarPuzzle”. Oskar Puzzle has a wide selection of 3D printed puzzles for sale, including the Guinness World Record holding 17x17x17 cube. His channel has more than 100,000 subscribers.

10. JRCuber

JRCuber is a speed-cuber who also loves modding and puzzle collecting. He posts reviews, unboxings, and videos on his latest mods. He has 180,000 subscribers. If you are into modified puzzles that are out of this world, this is a channel to watch.

11. TheSergsB


Although The SergsB has 110,000 subscribers, it only has a few NxNXN tutorials. However what it lacks in terms of quantity, it makes up for with its quality content.

12. Thrawst

Thrawst is one of the favorite cubing channels for speed-cubers. The channel has 40,000 subscribers and provides tips, reviews, and strategic techniques. Its ‘Tip of the Week’ series is hugely popular.

13. Badmephisto


If you are looking for one-handed tutorials and the advanced Fridrich method, this channel has got you covered. Run by a secretive content creator, not much is known about his identity even though he has 35,000 subscribers.

14. legoboyz3!

If you are looking for daily videos that are entertaining and informative, this is the channel to subscribe to. You will even learn some cool tips for improving your solves.

15. cyotheking

Cyotheking is a professional speed-cuber based in Minnesota with 305,000 subscribers. He regularly shares his insights about how to get better at solving the Rubik’s cube, plus a lot of interesting trivia.

16. ColorfulPockets

If you are looking for content that is humorous and would like to focus on shorts, sketches, and comedy, this is the channel to subscribe to. His 55,000 subscribers come for the cubing content but stay for the entertainment.

17. cyoubx

Cyoubx is aimed at cubers who wish to solve the cube under 20 seconds using the CFOP speedcubing method. He has 28,000 subscribers.

18. Derpy Cuber

With 41,000 subscribers, Derpy Cuber is famous for its music videos and parody. The channel posts about cubing meet-ups, reviews, and general trivia.

19. Nakaji1084

Yu Nakajima is a Japanese record holder who creates content about solving cubes blindfolded and competitions. He solves the Square-1, Megaminx, 7×7, 3×3, and more. Nakji1084 is a much-admired YouTube channel with 16,000 subscribers.


20. Monkeydude1313

Chris Bird is a member of the ‘Five Awesome Cubers’ and an active YouTuber with 12,000 subscribers. He posts tutorials, puzzle reviews, and more.

Follow YouTube channels to improve at cubing

There are multiple other channels on YouTube dedicated to the Rubik’s cube but these are a few that caught our eyes. If you are new to the Rubik’s cube and are just beginning to get into the cubing community, these channels are a great place to start. Subscribe to these channels and start applying the tips and tricks they share. Your skills will quickly improve and you will join an amazing online community of cubers.

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