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Beyond Rubik’s Cube Traveling Exhibition

Beyond Rubik's Cube Exhibition Events and Activities

Beyond Rubik’s Cube Traveling Exhibition

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most popular puzzles in the world, and attracts players from every single socio-demographic. Consequently, there are several events dedicated to the cubing lifestyle. Beyond Rubik’s Cube is one such event that has graced many cities across the world. The travelling exhibition is dedicated to the Rubik’s Cube and the many insights, inventions, and innovations inspired by the puzzle. 

The history of Beyond Rubik’s Cube traveling exhibition

The exhibition was first opened to the public in 2014 at the Liberty Science Centre in New Jersey. When the tour first started, visitors to the exhibition could play with a massive working Rubik’s cube that looked quite impressive. It also featured a robot that could solve the cube at unimaginable speeds. In addition, the visitors could take a look at many artifacts inspired by the Rubik’s cube, and certain early prototypes that are hard to find elsewhere.

The exhibition featured the World’s largest and most expensive Rubik’s cube at that time, also known as the Groovik’s Cube, designed by the Diamond Cutters International. This probably has remained one of the star attractions of the travelling exhibition, as it is valued at $2.5 million, and made from 18 karat gold. It is studded with white diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and more. 

Where is the exhibition now? 

According to the official website, the exhibition has since then travelled to multiple cities across the US and Canada, and also China. Some of these destinations include the Adventure Science Centre in Nashville, Tennessee; Discovery Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia; and the Golden Harbour, Shanghai, China. The site makes no mention of its next destination, and it is not clear at the moment where the exhibition will head toward after its sojourn in Halifax, Canada.

Whenever the exhibition arrives in a city, it stays there between 12-24 weeks, giving the locals ample opportunity to appreciate all of the exhibits at the event.

What does the exhibition usually feature? 

The Rubik’s cube is a major pop culture icon, which has inspired a number of sculptors, painters, and even conceptual artists. The exhibition regularly features art and design created by these innovative individuals. At one of the locations, the organizers featured Pete Fecteau’s famous Rubik’s mosaic in addition to a bronze concept cube called the “Cube Man”.

In short, whichever city is lucky enough to welcome this exhibition gets to admire a number of exhibits related to the Rubik’s cube.

A focus on STEM curriculum

A lot of activities and content that are part of the exhibition focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum. As a result, the exhibition is very popular among teachers who like to get their students to become more involved in STEM-related activities. According to the exhibitors themselves, their content supports engineering, geometry, and problem-solving activities. 

The exhibition consists of learning workshops that help young students to get rid of their inhibitions related to mathematics, science, and engineering. As for those who are interested in art and culture, Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition is the perfect place to admire sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and art installations inspired by the twisty puzzle.

Who is the target audience of the exhibition? 

Although the exhibition is targeted at children and teenagers, a number of adults find it interesting as well. It is an opportunity for cubers to network with fellow cubers in person. As the exhibition features interactive events and education programs, it is a great place for those who want to be a part of the cubing culture at a deeper level to meet.

In short, if you like the Rubik’s cube or wish to learn more about this cultural icon, then you must visit the Beyond Rubik’s Cube traveling exhibition when it arrives at a location near you.

Concluding thoughts about Beyond Rubik’s Cube

The Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition is inspired by four decades of solving the world’s most popular twisty puzzle. It usually features interactive physical and digital installations, exhibits, and artwork. At the moment, it is not clear where the exhibition will next be held. Although the website makes no mention of its next destination, we do believe the exhibition will travel to its next destination after the pandemic woes come to an end.

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