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Can Practicing the Rubik’s Cube Help in Mathematics?

Enjoy the challenging world of smart cubes! Rubik’s Cube is one of the famous games since the late 70s. This game is a perfect source of fun-filled entertainment that will capture your imagination, especially the puzzle freaks out there. This brain teaser is great for your Me-Time day and family activity that will give you a real-time mental workout. It will surely challenge your brain to find a solution to whatever problems at hand. Quite interesting Rubik’s Cube is the bestselling toy of all time. Don’t be left behind! We will find more learning and techniques in a handful of minutes. Come and discover this exciting twist and turn journey with us! Be the first to experience this amazing game among your friends.


Have you ever played this fascinating classic puzzle? More often, your first attempt ends up in vain and jumbled colors. Whether you are a newbie or a cube fanatic, we would like to introduce you to this improved smart cube game. We will bring your energy to the next level! Are you ready to meet and experience the newest smart Cube available in the market? This will bring a total craze. Let us give you more reason to be stirred up.


The Basics of Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is also known as the Magic Cubes. It has 6 faces covered with 6 solid colors: yellow, green, orange, blue, red, and white. There is an internal axis that enables each face to turn independently. For the puzzle to be solved, you need to bring back the same solid colors in each face. But all that is the old way of playing this mind-twisting game. Let’s dig more about this newest smart cube game in the world. Here are some important reasons to let you and your kids start having fun solving cube game before we spill more.


Offer Your Brain a Good Time To Exercise

Every time you are engaged in solving a puzzle, you are exercising both hemispheres of your brain. You are multi-tasking every time you play the smart Cube while at the same time, it is forcing you to track your move that refines your focus and concentration. It matters not even if you don’t complete the game. You will still gain learning throughout the process.


Boost Your Mathematical Reasoning

Can practicing the Rubik’s cube help in mathematics? Well, one of the rural high schools in Colorado uses Rubik’s Cube Puzzle as alternative learning, promoting critical thinking and algorithmic problem solving. How is this possible? Mathematical reasoning requires the ability to choose the correct methods and formulas to solve a problem. With the help of this smart Cube, the player learns to take different ways or approaches in solving the problem. The constant process of trial-and-error paves the way for developing your ability to arrange things or actions in a certain order or pattern using specific rules.

learning math is better with practicing rubik's cube


Gives You Dose of Happiness

Surprisingly, playing puzzle is a fantastic way to wind down at home after a stressful day. Enthralling way of getting drift away for a pinch of minutes while finding and seeing the pieces comes together. An explosion of happy hormones will lighten up your day after completing a set of Rubik’s Cube.


Reinventing the Classic Rubik’s Cube

Are you excited to start around with Rubik’s Cube? Wait, we have something amusing that you need to learn. Here is the GoCube, the newest and smartest way to enjoy the puzzle!  GoCube is a fun-filled mind booster that challenges your brain and achieves mindfulness while having fun. It is an app-enabled speed cube that allows tracking your moves and competing with your friends around the world.


GoCube (a smart and connected cube) helps beginners learn how to solve the puzzle and bring you challenges and lessons. The goal of this game is to start with the shuffled configurations and bring it back to its original solved pattern. This game is notoriously hard for its complexity, but a pro-cube-solver can complete the puzzle in a matter of minutes or seconds. Nevertheless, you can do it as well with a great technology anything is possible. GoCube is a unique and interesting way of enjoying your Cube while making your kids smarter at the same time.


In Rubik’s Cube, there are 18 basic moves by rotating one of the 6 faces fronts, back, up, down, left or right either clockwise, counterclockwise, or 180 degrees. Did you know that there are about 43 quintillion possible cube configurations? With that, there is a strategy you can use where you can solve the puzzle using 20 moves. Yes, you heard it right. Complete the jumbled solid colors with 20 moves using GoCube. This strategy is the result of a long journey finding the shortest time to solve the puzzle, and it took around three decades to decipher the solution. Start practicing and monitoring your progress with GoCube!

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