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Cubers with Twitch Channels


Cubers with Twitch Channels

Thanks to social media, it’s possible to see a lot of your favorite idols and celebrities on a variety of platforms. When it comes to cubing, YouTube is the most popular for video content. Did you know that Twitch is a rising star in the social media video category? Unlike on YouTube, Twitch specializes in livestreams. This creates a community space where speedcubers solve, and the audience leaves comments in real-time as they play.

Many speedcubers have taken to Twitch in order to expand their audience, recording many videos on the platform, primarily about speedcubing. Below you will find the channels of a few famous speedcubers who update their Twitch channel on a fairly regular basis. If you want to watch them live, and even write comments, make sure to follow them on Twitch.


Phillip is a popular speedcuber who has been part of many official speedcubing competitions. Finding him on Twitch can be challenging if you don’t know his interesting nickname: lazer0monkey.

Besides many traditional speedcubing videos, Phillip has livestreamed a speedcubing mini-tournament called “Monkey League”, organized primarily by him. The tournament featured top speedcubers, such as Feliks Zemdegs and Matty Inaba.

Twitch link:

Current followers: 11,010


Jorge is a Spanish-speaking speedcuber, and most of his videos are in Spanish as well. However, the language of solving cubes is universal. You might miss out on what he’s saying, but this should not prevent you from enjoying his incredible solves. Some of his videos are speedcubing marathons, each lasting around four hours!

Twitch link:

Current followers: 14,065


Graham is famous not just for his fast solves, but for how he does them blindfolded. If you visit his channel you will find videos of more than just regular 3×3 solves. Believe it or not, Graham has at least one video of himself blind solving a 10x10x10 cube!

In addition to cubing, Graham’s channel features him playing video games, most of them suitable for all ages, such as Mario. If you want to watch Graham play games with the same speed that he plays with cubes, his channel is a good source.

Twitch link:

Current followers: 2,253


Michael is a professional 3x3x3 speedcuber, and his Twitch channel has plenty of videos on solving the traditional cube size. That said, if you are ever interested in watching someone solve a more complicated cube, like the Megaminx, Michael’s channel is a good source for that.

Just like Graham above, Michael’s Twitch channel is not just about cubing. Michael also enjoys playing chess, so you will be able to watch some chess matches between him and others.

Twitch link:

Current followers: 854


If you enjoyed those four cubing Twitch channels, you will be happy to know that there are many more out there. Some are big, some are small, and they all have content made by passionate speedcubers.


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