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How to Use Cubing Accessories

Cubing Accessories - GoCube Stand

How to Use Cubing Accessories

There is nothing more exciting than unboxing a new smart cube. Both the GoCube and the Rubik’s connected come with everything needed to enjoy playing with them out of the box. Nonetheless, at some point, there may be a need either for supplemental accessories or to replace current accessories. For instance, after hundreds of solves, the cube may need lubrication in order to maintain smooth spinning. The following summary includes all of the smart cube accessories you will ever need and instructions on how and why to use them.

Rubik’s Connected Replacement Stickers

Cubing Accessories - Replacement Stickers

After hundreds of solves, the Rubik’s Connected stickers might need replacing. We sell the original quality replacement set of stickers. The material is highly durable, lasting for hundreds of solves without deteriorating in appearance or peeling off. The set comes with a sheet of replacements for each color: white, red, green, blue, yellow, and orange.  The yellow stickers have a unique design to accommodate the charging slot. View how to re-sticker your cube here.

GoCube Stand

Cubing Accessories - GoCube Stand

The top benefit of using a smart cube is its syncing ability to a smartphone or tablet.  A few features that the real-time sync allow are teaching you to solve the cube, battling other players, and playing games. A convenient way to solve the cube while viewing your screen is to use a stand. Our stand is designed to hold your phone while you’re cubing- or hold the cube while it charges. It is compatible with all iPhone and Android phones, designed with the perfect display angle. The fashionable minimalist design will match any decor aesthetic.

The assembly is quick and intuitive. There are 2 pieces, the base of the stand and the clear plastic holder for the cube/phone. To assemble, place the edge piece of the clear plastic holder into the groove on the white base piece.  To attach the charger, hold the edge of the charger that attaches to your cube. It is a square piece with prongs. Place the edge attached to the wire, prongs facing forward onto the U-shaped piece inside the clear plastic until it snaps into place. Thread the charger through the U piece sticking out of the base. View assembly here.

Charging Cable for Smart Cube-GoCube

Cubing Accessories - GoCube Cable White

In case you lose your charging cable it’s easy to replace. Make sure your smart cube never runs out of battery! Both versions are customized USB charger cables. The 4 prongs attach to the center tile on the yellow face. The GoCube cable is 90cm long and snaps easily into the GoCube stand. The Rubiks connected cable is 87cm long with a  mechanical attachment to the cube.  The design for the Gocube is high-tech and fashionable while the Rubik’s connected version is inspired by vintage 80’s style. View charging mechanism here.

Carrying Pouch

GoCube Pouch

Smartcubes provide endless entertainment in a small package and are the perfect minimalist toy to bring on a trip. Although our materials are high-quality the cube is vulnerable to dirt and scratches. Protect yours during commutes and trips with our velvet pouch.

Cube Lube

GoCube Lube

After solving the cube frequently, you might feel the cube twisting less smoothly. If you are a speedcuber this can add precious seconds to the solve. To solve this problem we have developed a proprietary lubricant of professional quality. Our lube is 5 ml, silicon-based, and appropriate for all cubes. Its viscosity is the perfect balance between speed and longevity. Our bottle is specially designed to allow one drop out at a time, so as not to overlubricate. To use it apply 2-3 drops into the grooves of one corner, then scramble to spread through the cube. Repeat the same steps for the opposite corner and you are done!

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