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4 Brain Games for your Daily Commute

Brain Games for your Daily Commute

4 Brain Games for your Daily Commute

Before smartphones, we used to read newspapers and play games like sudoku to keep ourselves entertained on the daily commute. However, today many commuters play mindless games on their smartphones or watch youtube to pass the time. Instead of playing Pokemon Go or Candy Crush on your public transportation route, try something fun that also will make you smarter along the way.  The Rubik’s Cube is the ideal travel toy that fits in your pocket but also provides endless entertainment.

The following are some creative games you can play using a simple Rubik’s Cube on your next commute.

Tic Tac Toe with a twist

Use your cube as a game board for tic tac toe! This one is great if you commute to work with an acquaintance and run out of small talk. Buy “easily removable” stickers in 2 colors, smaller than 1×1 cm. Each player chooses one color. In order to win the game the player must place three of their colors in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. Start on one face, and work your way through all 6 faces of the cube.

Assuming you and your opponent are both great strategists, the game is likely to result in a few forced draws. This is where the fun begins! After all 6 sides of your cube have been played, you continue playing using the existing Tic Tac Toe positions. Continue the game on the white face (the face with the white tile in the center). Each player may twist one face at a time. The first player to achieve three colors in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins.

Easy blindfolded solve

Can you solve the cube blindfolded? Although there are some cubers who can do this, it is a nearly impossible feat and requires thousands of hours of practice. Here’s a “light” version for beginners. In order to play, you must be familiar with cubing notation. Starting with a solved cube, close your eyes. Perform the RUR’U’ algorithm 6 times in a row. When you are done the cube should be solved! This is a great way to improve your memory and coordination for faster solves.

For a more advanced challenge, switch it up with other algorithms. You can try LUL’U’ 6 times in a row or a simple pattern challenge. Memorize some pattern algorithms such as Plus minus (U2 R2 L2 U2 R2 L2) or Six spots (U D’ R L’ F B’ U D’) and amaze onlookers with your skills!

A new take on the beginner’s method

How fast can you solve one face? After learning the beginner’s method for solving the 3×3, you may want to keep your mind flexible and increase the challenge. One way to switch things up is to solve the cube starting with a different color face. Solve a face using the first three steps of the beginner’s method. Adapt the steps to your chosen color. Time yourself and see if you can beat your baseline time. If you want to challenge yourself even further, solve the entire cube!

Smartcube games

The GoCube, a smart Rubik’s cube has many games already built into the app.  In addition to challenging other cubers to a solving match, the GoCube has 6 games!  The Simon game is similar to Simon says, turning the cube as the game tells you to turn it. The “cubeysizer” lets you play music by turning the cube’s faces. And for something completely different, the maze game is about moving the cube to direct a ball in the app through a maze.

gocube rubiks cube

Boredom can be a frustrating part of the daily commute.

If you are creative, a simple Rubik’s Cube can keep you entertained with hours of educational fun, while a smart cube has hours of games built-in. With this arsenal of games, your commute to work can be enjoyable.

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