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Geoff: My Journey to Sub-20


Geoff: My Journey to Sub-20

Did you know that only 5-10% of customers share reviews for consumer products? It is a rare treat when a customer is so incredibly happy with a product that they write back sharing their personal story. Meet Geoff, one of our ambassadors who rediscovered his love of cubing in adulthood and combined it with his other hobby. 

Geoff’s journey

I first learned to solve the cube from memory a number of years ago, but quickly forgot how to solve it once I achieved that milestone.

When I saw the GoCube for the first time, my love of puzzles and tech collided, and I placed the order! Since it arrived, the 3×3 cube changed from just the challenge to get it solved, to the challenge to get it solved faster and faster. The pillowed shape was weird at first, but I really like the way that you can twirl it on the flat surface (don’t knock it till you try it).

Being able to connect to the app, recording times, stats pages, and the breakdowns of each solve were game changers for me – I absolutely loved being able to track and see my progress. It didn’t take long before I racked up hundreds of solves and quickly broke the 1 min mark. To move down into the 40s and 30s required me to learn the CFOP method of solving, and I have been slowly learning better algorithms and familiarising myself with that since.  

Upon reviewing the CFOP time splits in the GoCube app, I realized that my F2L was a key area of improvement if I was to break the sub-20 barrier. So after a little push into improving my F2L a bit more recently, I finally hit the sub-20 target I had been after for some time. It was so good to see that Sub-20 time looking back at me from the app! 

Lots of practice and a bunch of key insights from the GoCube stats helped me achieve my goal. I have most definitely benefited GoCube’s role in my speedcubing journey. My GoCube stats now say that I have solved the cube over 900 times, and I am sure there will be 900 more – who knows where I will be by then!

Combining hobbies

I have definitely caught the speedcubing bug, and have begun merging another hobby of mine – t-shirt design – with speedcubing also. You can check out my work here swift.cubing.merch Instagram. 


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