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Giiker vs GoCube vs GAN 356i - Full Features

Giiker vs GoCube - Comparison

Giiker vs GoCube vs GAN 356i – Full Features

The first smart cubes were first introduced to the market in 2018. A smart cube is a Rubik’s Cube that connects to your smartphone. These modern cubes have the capability to teach users to solve the cube, track solves in real-time, and participate in online battles. This article will summarize the similarities and differences between the GoCube, the Gan 365i2, and the Giiker Supercube.

All three brands connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and include their own charger. The GoCube includes an elegant charging stand that also displays your smartphone. The Gan365i2 comes with a basic charging stand and charger. The Giiker is notable for a charger that looks like the cube is donning headphones.

The internal mechanism for all of the cubes is magnet-based and features great corner-cutting. However, there are some subtle differences in the design that will influence your preference. The GoCube has a modern aesthetic, with its stickerless design and internal light. The pillowed nature of the GoCube makes it easier to control for beginners as opposed to the sharp corners of the others. The Gan has a classic look, with an option for stickers or stickerless. The Giiker cube also features a classic look and comes with stickers.

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Each of the smartcubes has an app that connects via Bluetooth. The GoCube has incredibly accurate 3D orientation and rotation tracking that displays to 0.001 of a second. The Gan has orientation and rotation tracking plus individual layer tracking, however, the user experience for the tracking in scramble mode can be confusing. The Giiiker includes rotation tracking, but no 3D orientation tracking.

The apps all include beginner tutorials, online battles, games, and personal stats. The GoCube app has outstanding user experience on the scrambling and tutorials. It includes detailed personal statistics and a great collection of games. A special feature on the GoCube is the leaderboard which ranks players on a weekly basis. Once a year, the GoCube app includes access to the Rubik’s Arena, which allows players to compete to participate in the WCA organized world cup. The Gan app is notable for the breakdown of  CFOP in the analytics section. The Giiker app has the most games, with the least polished user experience on the app.

All of these smart cubes are great options, each with its own pros and cons. Get your GoCube here.

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