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How Many Steps Does It Take to Solve A Rubik’s Cube?

With over 43 quintillion combinations, the Rubik’s cube remains a popular yet difficult puzzle to master. Since 1974, over 350 million people have played the cube. It continues to stand the test of time as there are different variations of the puzzle, but the most popular is the 3x3x3. It begs the question – how many steps does it take to solve this cube completely? The good news is you’re about to find out. If you want to know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, here is how many steps it takes.


The Answer – It Takes 20 Moves

The Rubik’s cube can be solved in as little as 20 moves, but it took nearly 30 years to figure out the trick. Back in 2010, the organization Cube20 figured out the right configuration to solve the cube in as little moves as possible. These computer programmers and mathematicians built upon the earlier work of Michael Reid, who coined the term “superflip.” The superflip requires the correct orientation of eight corners followed by the incorrect orientation of 12 edges. With super-computer algorithms, Cube20 was finally able to solve it in 20 moves.


How to Solve the Rubik With These Tips

First, you need to know the notations: U is Up, F is Front, D is Down, B is Back, L is Left, and R is Right. If you read instructions online, you need to know the notations beforehand. With a scrambled cube, you can now solve the first layer. You should get all the edge pieces to match the centerpiece and four adjacent ones with a cross. In terms of color, focus on white. Make a white cross, then try to get a white corner in each area.


Once the white cross is on the bottom, make a yellow cross on top, followed by getting all the corners pieces yellow. The yellow edge piece doesn’t have to match the white edge just yet. Once you get a yellow edge on each corner, look at the bottom layer right below. The correct position should be a yellow face in the left corner. All you need to do is align the cross afterward. For the sake of simplicity, keep in mind the following:


  • White is the opposite of yellow on the cube
  • Whenever you turn the cube, know which direction you want to turn
  • The centerpiece in the middle layer always stays the same on each side
  • Edge pieces in the top layer can be swapped with the opposite color

Sometimes a visual demonstration is easier to follow than reading words. Luckily, there is an easy way to practice your puzzle-solving skills, and all it takes is your phone or tablet. Introducing, a website dedicated to all the creative Rubik’s cube tricks. The world’s first connected cube has already won multiple awards.

Connect the app with your phone or tablet to learn every move with your friends or family. How it works is once you connect with the app, you can use your device as a step-by-step guide. It tracks every single move you make during real-time, so you can learn as you play. The app gives you strategies for the smart cube, in addition to training sessions and a battle feature with other players.


The current best seller is the Rubik’s Connected for $49.95. With $30.00 off, it includes speed cubes and a USB portable charger. You can learn everything from solving the puzzle in under an hour to analyzing your skills with a level-up system. These are great holiday deals to take advantage of right now, so head on over to for more details.

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