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How to join the cubing community


How to join the cubing community

So you bought a smart cube and learned to solve it. Looking for the next challenge? Join our leaderboard community of cubers.

The community of over 45,000 online cubers battles each other using the GoCube or Rubik’s Connected app, playing over 3,000 games per week. The site is updated with weekly player statistics, a fun way to meet and compete.

The Rubik’s arena is a great way to keep track of your progress and compete while being up to date on what’s happening in the cubing world. The leaderboard statistics include weekly best time, most active, and best improvement. A special feature highlights one random cuber a day, a fun way to meet other players in the community. Take a peek at the community in your home country by filtering the leaderboard by country, you might find someone you know! Join the fun here.

Another way to be part of the cubing community is to view and participate in competitions.

There are numerous competitions every year, and one of the top yearly events is the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup. It is designed to challenge the most accomplished speedcubers in one of the top emerging sports. Now in its 4th season, the competition was started in 2018 in association with the World Cubing Association (WCA). To qualify in 2018 and 2019 there were regional competitions and the top 32 cubers flew to the finals.

Due to travel suspension in 2020 the qualifiers and the competition took place virtually. Thanks to innovative smart connected cubes that track the users’ solves in realtime, the competitors entered the tournament from wherever they were worldwide. In order to qualify for the competition in 2020, there were digital qualifiers using the new digital cubes. There were 4 digital Qualifiers starting in August through September. Participants submitted 5 daily solves to rank up in the Redbull Rubik’s Cube event leaderboard, supported via the digital apps (GoCube & Rubik’s connected). The Top 16 players were invited to online one-on-one tournaments to determine the top 3 players of the tournament who were then invited to participate in the World Finals on November 7th.


It was exciting to be a part of the online real-time twitch competition.

Watching along with 33,000+ fans fostered a sense of community excitement. The competition was split into four categories- speedcubing mixed, speedcubing female, fastest hand, and rescramble. The winners of each category were Max Park, Juliettte Sebastien, Philipp Weyer, and Chris Mills. Watch reruns of the 2020 finals here.

The qualifications for 2021 will begin in September on the Redbull leaderboard. If you would like to compete on the Redbull leaderboard, during the competition season our leaderboard will be updated with a link to the Redbull leaderboard. Join our leaderboard community in the meantime to hone your skills, meet new friends, and stay up to date!

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