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Official competitions: Should I attend?

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Official competitions: Should I attend?

Finding a Competition to attend

Once your love of speedcubing has been kindled, you will likely want to meet more cubers. A great way to connect with cubers is attending official competitions.  

Although most competitions tend to be more fun if you actually win, the cubing community tends to be supportive and friendly no matter what level you are at. So don’t be intimidated and sign up! Anybody at any age can participate in competitions. 

The first step is to search the WCA website for the competition you would like to attend. You might have to wait for a competition to happen nearby, so keep checking in. Join a cubing forum for updates or to request one in your area. 

After you find the competition check your own countries official cubing website. Many countries have a separate local cubing website which will provide more details and information than the WCA site. You may decide to book a hotel if the competition is far.

The anticipation is quite possibly the most difficult part! Participating in your first competition is exciting, and you may want to prepare in advance. A great way to improve for the 3×3 event is competing in online battles with your GoCube while keeping track of the leaderboard. If there is a specific genre that you are interested in competing in you may want to boost practice time in that area. Check up on the speedsolving forum to check if there may be handy information for the competition in your area. 

WCA events

The World Cube Association (WCA) governs all official Rubik’s Cube and twisty puzzle Competitions. The stated goal of the World Cube Association is to create competitions in more countries with more people and more fun, while maintaining fair conditions. The spirit of the World Cube Association is  to create a sportsmanlike atmosphere where people from all over the World have fun together. There are many events you can choose to compete in official competitions.

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • 2×2 Cube
  • 4×4 Cube
  • 5×5 Cube
  • 3×3 blindfolded
  • 3×3 one-handed
  • 3×3 fewest moves
  • 3×3 with feet
  • Megaminx
  • Pyraminx
  • Square-1
  • Rubik’s Clock
  • Skewb
  • Big Cubes
  • 7×7 Cube
  • 4×4 blindfolded
  • 5×5 blindfolded
  • 3×3 multi blind

The Competition Day

Many people find it intimidating to make new friends in foreign situations. Speedcubers tend to be incredibly friendly and open, so don’t be afraid to make the first move. There is a wide variety of ages and skill and everyone tends to socialize regardless.

This is a great space to create new friendships with people who share your interest in cubing. Don’t be shy about asking for advice! This is a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks from more experienced cubers. Ask around and someone will definitely be happy to help.

It is possible that you may win competitions, but that is not the main reason to attend. Most people who attend competitions do so with the intention of bettering themselves, meeting cubers, and having fun. Very few actually intend on winning the prize.  Official competitions don’t happen very often, so seize the opportunity for socializing with other cubers while improving yourself.

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