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Recommended Reading for Rubik's Cube Fans

Books about the Rubik's Cube

Recommended Reading for Rubik’s Cube Fans

If you are an avid speedcuber and need more cubing in your life, then you are in luck. We curated a list of the top-rated amazon books for cubing enthusiasts. Browse our list of titles to add to your pile of speedcuber-approved nighttime reading.

Cubed: The Puzzle of Us All

by Erno Rubik, 2020 

This is the first book ever written by the inventor of the world’s most iconic puzzle the Rubik’s Cube. Erno Rubik inspires us with lessons he’s learned through his journey of invention and discovery.

Erno Rubik was a child when he first became interested in puzzles of all kinds. “Puzzles,” he writes, “bring out important qualities in each of us: concentration, curiosity, a sense of play, the eagerness to discover a solution.” 

Cubed covers more than just his journey to inventing his world-famous cube. He makes a case for always being an amateur—something he has always considered himself to be. This book dives into Erno’s creative process while rediscovering the imperfect science of creation.

You Can Do the Cube

by Patrick Bossert, 1981 

The first guidebook written about the Rubiks Cube, The You Can Do The Cube book sold more than 1.5 million copies. Soon after the Rubik’s Cube became a worldwide hit and a frustrating mystery, a 13-year-old boy came up with his own solution. He published a small booklet unveiling the secret. The book suggested that everybody can learn it and encouraged many fans to keep trying. Although there are more modern versions of methods published today, this is a classic that many fans will love for its historical importance. 

How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube

By Farshore, 2018 

This clearly illustrated step-by-step guide teaches the beginners’ method for solving the Cube, plus advanced techniques for speedcubers. It also includes some history, terminology, and cool patterns.

The Rubik’s Cube Best Algorithms

By Daniel Ross, 2018 

This book teaches you the most advanced and modern methods for solving the cube today while explaining the advanced mathematics behind it. Some methods include the Fridrich Method, The Roux Method, The ZZ Method, The God’s Number Method, Finger Tricks, and more! 

The Cube: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Bestselling Puzzle – Secrets, Stories, Solutions

Introduction by Erno Rubik. Authored by Jerry Slocum, David Singmaster, Wei-Hwa Huang, Dieter Gebhardt, Geert Hellings, 2009

This unique book starts with the fascinating history of the Rubik’s Cube―from its invention in 1974 by Ernö Rubik to the ’80s craze to its resurgence today. There are dozens of rare photographs of vintage cubes, ephemera, and more nostalgia!

This book also teaches you how to solve most sizes of cubes with detailed illustrations. It contains instructions for the “Mini Cube” 2x2x2; the “Classic” 3x3x3; the “Rubik’s Revenge” 4x4x4; the “Professor’s Cube” 5x5x5, the “V-Cube 6” 6x6x6 and the “V-Cube 7” 7x7x7. The book even includes modular instructions that you can apply to any potential size cube.  

This list will provide you with endless hours of quality and educational entertainment. Now go forth and read! 

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