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Road Trip Games: Ideas Kids Will Love With a Rubik's Cube


Road Trip Games: Ideas Kids Will Love With a Rubik’s Cube

No matter how much technology advances some things never change: traveling for hours at a time is tedious. Since children get easily bored, traveling with children is especially challenging. Having a few games up your sleeve is a fantastic way to pass the time in an enjoyable way. The best games for travel are easily portable and very versatile. The Rubik’s Cube is an ideal toy for travel that fits in your pocket but also provides endless entertainment.

There are plenty of Rubik’s Cube-themed games, and here are a few easy ones to get you started. These games involve the Rubik’s Cube, whether it is the original or a smart version. Keep in mind that the 3×3 standard cube is only one of many twisty puzzles. You can play the same games with different puzzles like the 2×2, 4×4. See our articles on twisty puzzles to see just how many options there are. 


Solve time competition

The most straightforward game to play during a trip is a timed competition. One player will solve the cube as fast as possible, and the other player’s goal is to beat that time. You can make this a brief “best of three”. If there are enough people you can even make a tournament out of it. 

All you need for this game (and the following ones) is a cube and a timer. You can find a timer on your watch, a smartphone, or a cubing app.

Pattern competition

This game is more complicated than the previous one and suited for experienced cubers. Instead of having to fully solve the cube, the goal of this game is to create a specific color pattern. The pattern could be something simple, like a cross. 

Face competition

This is the easiest game: solving one face of the cube as fast as possible. It is great for beginners, so most cubers can participate in the game. One player challenges the other to solve one cube face. If you want a more challenging experience, the goal can be to see how many faces a player can solve within a time limit. Alternatively, a player needs to solve the face that another player calls out at random.

GoCube app games

The GoCube connects to your phone/tablet and tracks your moves in real-time. One of the great features of the GoCube app is the games, which are easy and fun to play. For instance, the Simon game is similar to Simon says, turning the cube as the game tells you to turn it. The “cubeysizer” lets you play music by turning the cube’s faces. For something completely different, the maze game is about moving the cube to direct a ball in the app through a maze. 

If you are looking for a way to start cubing the GoCube is perfect. With six games, a learning academy, online competitions, and more, you are bound to enjoy many hours of fun. 

Boredom can be frustrating for many travelers. With some preparation, you can successfully beat it, or even enjoy the time spent in transit. Use the games as inspiration for creating your own challenges. At the end of the day, all that matters is having fun!    


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