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Difference between GoCube and Rubik Connected


Difference between GoCube and Rubik Connected

The Rubik’s Connected and GoCube Edge are both officially endorsed smart cubes that help you to learn, practice, and solve the Rubik’s Cube. If you are a beginner, you can learn to solve the cube in less than an hour, thanks to the interactive and fun features. Both the smart cubes feature Magnetic Speed Cube Mechanism and come with tutorials, mini-games, online battles, leaderboard, and statistics.

While there are many similarities, there are certainly important differences between the two smart cubes. In this article, we briefly summarise the differences between Rubik’s Connected and GoCube Edge so that you can make an informed decision while purchasing.

rubiks connected vs gocube edge

1. GoCube Edge features 3D tracking technology

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3D combination puzzle, and tracking your physical cube’s 3D orientation is necessary to get a clear picture of how you are playing. GoCube Edge features 3D tracking and an embedded inertial measurement unit, thanks to which you will be constantly aware of your cube’s 3D orientation. This helps you to accurately assess and track your cube-solving skills as well. Rubik’s Connected does not come with this feature. It does provide other kinds of statistics such as your speed, errors, etc.

2. Lights to indicate status

Unlike Rubik’s Connected, GoCube Edge provides feedback in the form of illumination which helps you to quickly gauge if you have solved the puzzle or completed certain patterns. The light indicators assist you in calculating your solve-time accurately as they begin to glow the moment the puzzle is solved. There will be no delay between the time the cube has been solved, and the moment when the timer is stopped.

3. Attractive accessories and games

With the purchase of your GoCube, you also receive two cool accessories to help you solve the cube on the go: a travel pouch and a charging stand. The charging stand holds your phone in place, and also acts as a display stand for your GoCube. GoCube Edge’s charger head magnetically attaches to the cube. On the other hand, Rubik’s Connected Cube’s charger head clips on to it. Here are some extras:

  •   An aesthetically designed pouch
  •   The Maze game
  •   A high-end look

While GoCube Edge features cool accessories and an extra game, Rubik’s Connected Cube comes with just a cable.

4. GoCube Edge has a more contemporary and high-end look

Rubik’s Connected Cube has sharp edges, which some users may not like. The GoCube is designed with user experience in mind, and has slightly rounded edges for extra comfort. The Connected Cube is designed with stickers and looks identical to the original rubik’s cube. The GoCube is designed with high-end plastic tiles and has a contemporary and elegant feel to it. It has no stickers and is made from premium quality materials.

5. Rubik’s Connected for seasoned speedcubers

On the other hand, many speedcubers prefer the Rubik’s Connected Cube because of the sharp edges. Speedcubers have become accustomed to a certain shape cube which affects hand movements. When trying to shave off tenths of seconds, they prefer to stick with a familiar cube.

Both the smart cubes feature cutting-edge technology

While there are some important differences between the two smart cubes we offer, both of them are reimagined and redesigned for today. They both connect to a slick mobile app on your iOS or Android devices and are officially endorsed by the RedBull Rubik’s Cube World Cup. The application features networking capabilities, and you will be able to battle other players online and even make friends with them. In fact, the sense of community will motivate and sustain your interest in mastering your cube-solving techniques.

They are equipped with intelligent sensors and connect to the companion mobile application through Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to their efficient batteries and the ability to charge via USB, you can rest assured that your gameplay will not be interrupted during travel or when you are not close to a power source

Which smart cube is best for you?

Both smart cubes are great for learning, practicing, and solving the puzzle, and the choice depends on personal preferences. If you prefer a more premium and high-end-looking model with added features such as 3D tracking and illumination, GoCube Edge is the perfect cube for your needs.

However, if you want a simpler smart cube that resembles and feels more like the original 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube, you can purchase Rubik’s Connected. What truly matters the most is your consistent practice and sustained interest.

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