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8 Gifts to Buy for a Rubik's Cube lover

Gifts for all the Rubik's Cube Lovers

8 Gifts to Buy for a Rubik’s Cube lover

Buying gifts is exciting, whether it is for a loved one or an acquaintance. However, we cant possibly know what the person likes or dislikes. Even if we do, they may already have received a lot of gifts that are in line with their interests and hobbies. The trick is to choose something novel and entertaining, that reminds the recipient of your thoughtfulness.

If you are searching for a gift for someone who loves the Rubik’s Cube look no further. Rubiks Cube themed items are a great option for thoughtful personal gifts.

Here are 8 of the coolest Rubiks Cube themed gifts ideas: 

1. Rubik’s Cube T-Shirt

Summer is fast approaching and there is nothing better than a soft cotton T-shirt that has a humorous Rubik’s cube print. These T-shirts are made from the finest quality cotton, and feature stylish Rubik’s cube patterns on the front.

2. Rubik’s Cube Purse

Nothing says “geek chic” better than a handmade purse that is quirky and vibrant at the same time. This Rubik’s cube purse is a stylish gift option that is perfect for anyone who likes to make a fashion statement. It accommodates basic necessities, and is perfect for a night on the town. At $22, it is also a very affordable gift choice. 

3. Personalised Rubik’s Photo Cube Puzzle

If you know the gift recipient personally, you can charm them with this Personalised Rubiks Photo Cube Puzzle. All you need to do is to send the puzzle makers a photo of your choice, and they  will create a customised puzzle that looks quite out of this world. It is the perfect gift to strengthen existing bonds, and perhaps create new ones. 

4. Silver Rubik’s Cube Charm Necklace

Minimalist Necklace for Rubik's Cube Fans

If you are considering a slightly premium gift option, this 925 silver necklace is a good option. It comes with a pretty handmade Rubik’s cube and has a cable-style chain. This charm necklace is sophisticated enough to be worn at work, but is also great for a night out on the town. 

5. Rubik’s Cube Blanket

Gifts for Rubik's Cube Lover - Cube Blanket

A comfortable blanket is a great gift choice, and most recipients associate that warmth with the person who gave them the blanket as a gift. This Rubiks Cube Blanket is ultra-soft and cozy enough to lull even the most troubled sleepers to sleep. Made from sherpa fleece (soft polyester), it is perfect for those with sensitive skin and a penchant for solving puzzles.

6. Rubik’s Junior Puppy

If your gift recipient is a child or a youngster, the Rubik’s Junior Puppy is a great gift option. This toy can be held easily, so that even toddlers can grip easily and turn it. It has very few combinations, and will keep young players motivated to solve the puzzle. Once solved, the puppy looks adorable and will make for a cute toy. 

7. Rubik’s 360 Puzzle

The Rubiks 360 is a quirky puzzle that is great for both kids and adults. The player needs to move and shake the toy to get the tiny balls inside their matching color vaults. Players must ensure that the balls that have already rolled into their matching vaults do not roll outside while attempting to solve the rest of the puzzle. It is the perfect puzzle to try during parties and group events.

8. The Smart Connected Cube

If you have an inkling that your gift recipient loves to solve puzzles, or already owns a regular Rubik’s cube, you can give them the Smart Connected Cube. The Smart Connected Cube comes with a physical cube that connects to a smartphone app to give players detailed statistics, tutorials, and an opportunity to network with other players. It is a postmodern version of the good old Rubiks cube, and is the perfect gift upgrade.

There are Rubik’s Cube themed gifts for every person and occasion

As you can see, there are a number of Rubik’s Cube inspired gifts on the market. There are great options for gifts for people of all ages. Choose the gift that your recipients are most likely to enjoy, and you will be remembered and cherished for a long time to come. 

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