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Magic Tricks with the Rubik's Cube

Magic Ticks with the Rubik's Cube

Magic Tricks with the Rubik’s Cube

Solving a Rubik’s Cube is such a great challenge for most people that it almost feels like magic when solved. The two have a lot in common, for example, solving the Rubik’s Cube and performing magic tricks both require practice and dexterity to execute well.  When performed correctly, they have the ability to stun crowds. Occasionally the genres overlap- combining magic tricks with the Rubik’s cube is a new emerging genre that creates amazing performances.

Steven Brundage is one of those rare cases when Magic and the Rubik’s cube overlap: a Rubik’s Cube magician. He appeared on the show “Fool Us”, a show that challenges magicians to fool two of the top magicians today Penn and Teller. His trick succeeded in fooling both of them. Watch the trick (184) Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Steven Brundage – YouTube

Matching cubes trick

This trick is also performed by Brundage and Teller. Brundage scrambles one cube while continuing to address the audience. Teller then covers the other unscrambled cube with his hands and when he opens his hands to reveal the cube it has been scrambled exactly the same as the cube that Brundage holds.   View trick performed here (208) GENIUS Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks w/ Steven Brundage *America’s Got Talent Magician* – YouTube

Instantly solved trick

A very popular trick is the instantly solved trick. This involves some kind of drama followed by the magician throwing a scrambled cube in the air and catching it solved. The secret behind this trick lies in using a fake cube which when solved still has one side scrambled. The magician shows the cube to the audience scrambled, only using 6 moves to “completely” scramble the cube. He then tries to solve it while undoing the 6 moves. The magician then throws the cube in the air, catching it solved. He shows five sides to the audience, using sleight of hand to make them believe they have seen all six.

Cube in a bag trick

This trick is very simple. The magician places a scrambled Rubik’s Cube into a paper bag and takes it back out solved. In this trick, he shows all 6 sides to the audience first. Part of the trick here is shuffling the cube in a specific configuration. View a tutorial here (208) Cube Solved in Bag (Tutorial) – YouTube

Magic tricks that include the Rubik’s Cube are some of the top crowd pleasers out there.

They combine magic, entertainment, and science in a way that fascinates people. We look forward to new and exciting Rubik’s Cube magic tricks!

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