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Rubik’s Cube Tips and Tricks– Guide

Playing a Rubik’s cube can be fun yet will bore you because you always have to do the same thing – complete it using the same pattern over and over. This can discourage you from enjoying your cube, but now, you can have a lot of ways to finish your Rubik’s cube using different patterns. Did you know that you can use algorithms to make pretty patterns with your smart cube? Bet you didn’t!

Getting hold of your Rubik’s cube will definitely make your hand move like lightning as you want to complete it successfully. However, normally finishing it is never enough.

With an algorithm, you can make your Rubik’s cube solving fun. You can use a magic cube, but if you don’t have one, you can find it online like the online Rubik’s cube solver. Or, you can also use a cube simulator that allows you to solve the Rubik’s cube online or will let you use rotations.

There are tips and tricks that you can do with your Rubik’s cube.

Whether you are a beginner or likes speedcubing, you will love learning to solve Rubik’s cubes in different ways.

Find a good Rubik’s cube

Though Rubik’s cube looks the same, they vary on how you use them. You may notice a cube that can be easily turned while you may also use one that is hard to rotate. If you choose the latter, the solving time will keep on increasing. Make sure to find a good Rubik’s cube because it will help you practice better and solve faster.

gocube rubiks cube

Get familiar with your Rubik’s cube

When you have a Rubik’s cube, it is not required that you solve it immediately. If you want to finish the cube successfully, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with the cube. Experimenting with your Rubik’s cube is one way for you to be accustomed to it. Play with it first, and you can try doing the white cross.

Learn the notation

Once you are familiar with the cube, learn the notation. Letters are used for marking rotations that will help in describing the algorithms. A single letter means you have to make 90 degrees clockwise face rotation. If the notation has an apostrophe, you have to make a face turn 90 degrees counterclockwise. If the letter has a number 2, a double turn should be done.

Centerpieces are fixed

You may wonder that the centerpieces in your Rubik’s cube are not moving. This is because it is already fixed no matter what rotation you do. It will stay in place as it controls the color of each face.

Several corners and edges

You will also notice corners and edges. There are yellow edges, a white corner, white edges, and more. A total of 8 corner pieces, which have 3 stickers, and 12 edge pieces which have 2 stickers are present. 

Create lots of pattern with the algorithm

You should know that lots of patterns can be made with your Rubik’s cube.  Some of these are the Superflip, the easy checkerboard, all flags & crests, wire, and checkerboard in the cube. You can create a lot of patterns and can even have a favorite!

Master Algorithms

If you want to finish or solve your Rubik’s cube by heart, make sure to master the algorithm. This will help you to do it without thinking about the notation. Don’t just let your hands master algorithms. Let your heart and mind too!

Undoing a scramble

If you want to undo a scramble, don’t worry, you can make it possible. You should apply the opposite rotations of the backward algorithm. In this way, you can return the cube to the initial position or the solved cube. 

These are tips and tricks you can do with your Rubik’s cube. But, with today’s developments, a smart cube is better! GoCube is your Rubik’s cube that can connect to your phone or tablet and can provide real-time stats of your moves. This is your STEM toy where you can play games with others and solve the cube in an enjoyable way. 

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