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Speed Cube Competitions

Speed cubing is the art of completing the popular puzzle known as the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible. Speedcubers come together to compete to be the fastest at competitions held worldwide. There are many different competitions held by various organizations. These different competitions have events from the standard 3x3x3 cube solve, as well as one-handed solves, blindfolded solves, and even an event where participants compete to get the fastest solve time with their feet. Which of these competitions are the most credible and more for entertainment than a reliable competition?


Various Competitions

 The first-ever speedcubing competition was hosted and organized by The Guinness Book of World Records in Munich. This event was hosted on the 13th of March in 1981. This competition was won by Jury Froeschl, who set the record time of 38 seconds.

Following this competition, the first international competition was held in Budapest. This international World Championship took place on the 5th of June 1982. The winner of this competition was a Vietnamese national who was also a student from Los Angeles. Minh Thai was the winner and managed to solve the puzzle in a time of 22.95 seconds.

solve rubiks cube in one hand only

The World Cube Association brought some order to the speedcubing community in 2004 by introducing certain rules, as well as maintaining a history of all the world records. This organization made it compulsory to use a timing device referred to as a stackmat timer and began scrambling the puzzles with program-generated algorithms.

Outside of the official competitions which are held, other informal competitions are going to invite participants to solve the puzzle in abnormal situations. Since the inception of the World Cube Association, over 142,000 participants have competed in their sanctioned events.


The World Cube Association

 The World Cube Association is the world’s foremost authority when it comes to all Rubik’s Cube competitions and any other puzzle labeled as a Rubik’s puzzle. The goal of this organization is to have more contests globally under fair conditions. They act similarly to any sporting organization aiming to achieve a friendly atmosphere and sportsmanlike conduct between competitors.

Their headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. They were founded by Dutch international Ron Van Bruchem, and Tyson Mao of the United States. They began working towards becoming a non-profit organization on the 20th of November 2017. The organization is run by board members who assign teams, committees and delegates to organize official speedcubing competitions. Without the presence of a delegate, a competition is not going to be deemed official.

world cube organization logo competition for speedcubing

Since 2003, they introduced the formula for deciding the winner of these cubing competitions. The winners are determined by calculating the average time from the middle three attempts of their five. The competitor’s single best time is also recorded.

The WCA aims to provide structure to speedcubing competitions by ensuring uniformity across all competitions. This is done by creating a schedule for when each event is going to transpire as well as how long they are going to last. Participants in the competitions are then split into groups. All competitors in the same group are given the same computer-generated scrambled cube to solve.


Upon the completion of the competition, the delegates collect the results and send them to the WCA. The WCA then checks these results to ensure that nothing has been incorrectly entered. After this step has been completed, the results are published, and the competitors have their profiles updated with their results.

If it is your first competition, you can determine your ID by doing the following. The present year is going to be the first part of your ID. This is going to be followed by the first four letters of your surname, and finally, an additional two numbers notifying you of how many people with the same first four letters of their surname have entered before you.

Your WCA profile is going to display both your average time and your single best time for each event you have competed in. Shown along with this should be your National, Continental, and World ranking. The competitor is going to hold the national record with the fastest time in any country.  The individual is going to hold the continental record with the quickest time from a certain continent, such as the North American record holder or European record holder. The fastest speedcuber in the entire world holds the world record.


Begin Competing to Be the Best

 When choosing a competition, it is important to ensure that the competition is WCA approved. If the organization does not approve of the competition, this is going to result in no official results being recorded. Should the results not be recorded, then no credit is going to be given, no matter how well the performance may be. After choosing the official WCA event, you wish to compete in, get to practicing, and you could be the next record holder.


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