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The Best Cubing YouTube Channels

Playing Rubik’s Cube is one of the favorite pastimes of people. However, it can also be challenging. Fortunately, there are YouTube channels that will help you to review twisty puzzles easily. With the help of their YouTube content, you can enhance your skills in playing twisty puzzles. To help you with this, the following is a list of the best cubing YouTube channels that can assist you in your passion for Rubik’s cube and other twisty puzzles.



The redkb has 300,000 subscribers. Kenneth provides content on his YouTube channel about cube reviews, design patterns, unboxings, solve, and his “cube in a bottle” specialty. is also one of the top cubing YouTube channels today. The posts about tutorials, cube reviews, and other content that is beneficial for your cubing habit. The channel has 100,019 subscribers.


TheMaoiSha is the most subscribed cubing YouTube channel on this list. TheMaoiSha is a Spanish content creator who posts his passion in the world of reviews, tutorials as well as unboxings.


 The Cuby is also among the most famous Spanish cube YouTuber with 280,000 subscribers.



 With 140,000 subscribers, this YouTube channel has the most famous tutorials in the community of cubing. MeMyselfAndPi also offers modifying puzzles in order to solve them. He also has another YouTube channel named MMAPGaming. This channel is about Minecraft gameplay.


 Dan Fast provides content videos about Puzzle Modding, Speed cubing, Sneak Peeks, and Fan Interactions. His channel has 180,000 subscribers.



 This channel has 120,000 subscribers. Tony Fisher is considered among the most notable custom puzzle designers who began building and modding in the 80s. The good news, he was still a very active YouTuber.


 Feliks Zemdegs, Rubik’s Cube world champion, offers competition videos as well as different tips on his vlog regularly. He has 190,000 subscribers.


 OskarPuzzle is the YouTube channel of Oskar van Deventer who is a Dutch designer and inventor who did hundreds of innovative puzzles. Oskar Puzzles provide a wide selection of 3D printed puzzles for sale, such as the Guinness World Record holder 17x17x17 cube. He has 100,000 subscribers.


Cubing for everyone, JRCuber is a speed-cuber who also loves modding as well as puzzle collecting. He posts reviews, unboxings, and videos on his latest mods. He has 180,000 subscribers.


 With 110,000 subscribers, TheSergsB is a small YouTube channel with few NxNXN tutorials. However, its high ratings make it to the top list.



 Thrawst is one of the favorite cubing channels of most speed-cubers. He has 40,000 subscribers and provides solve and review videos as well as the ‘Tip of the Week’ series.


 This cubing channel comes with 35,000 subscribers. He posts one-handed tutorials and specializes in the more advanced Fridrich method. He was a recognized YouTuber when it comes to the speed cubing society. However, this content creator is very secretive about his true identity.



 The legoboyz3! has 45,000 subscribers. They upload daily cubing as well as entertainment videos.


 Cyotheking comes with 45,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a professional speed-cuber based in Minnesota. He can help you to be faster.



 This channel has 35,000 subscribers. Andrew posts shorts, sketches, and comedies about cubing.



 It has 25,000 subscribers and posts puzzle reviews. Cyoubx is basically designed to cubers aiming to get sub 20 and at the moment are around 40 seconds using the CFOP speedcubing method.


Derpy Cuber

 Derpy Cuber has 17,000 subscribers. They are famous for their music video parody. They also post about cubing meet-ups, Q and A’s puzzle reviews, and solves.



 Nakji1084 YouTube channel has 17,000 subscribers. Yu Nakajima is a 5 x 5 blindfolded Asian record holder who provides content about competitions and solving Square-1, Megaminx, 7×7, 3×3, and more.



This cubing channel has 12,000 subscribers. Chris Bird is a member of ‘Five Awesome Cubers’ and an active YouTuber. He posts tutorials about solving the cube and puzzle reviews to help you know what to buy and what to expect.

There we go, so that is the list of best cubing YouTube channels you can choose from for your passion for cubing. With the help of their content, you can gain helpful tips to improve your skills while having entertainment.

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