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The Rubik’s Cube in Art

Considering the simple colors and design of Rubik’s cube as well as the challenge it gives to the players are the reasons it is a good tool to create an artistic creation and design. A lot of arts that are made from a combination of Rubik’s cube can be found everywhere. Rubik’s cube can be used for making paintings and other art pieces.

The creation of mosaics is one of the well-known arts made from Rubik’s cube. When making a mosaic of Rubik’s cube, you should take into consideration the number of cubes you need to use. You can create a giant mural from thousands to even a hundred thousands of Rubik’s cube.

A lot of examples of Rubik’s cubes art can be found on the internet. The internet provides several lists of instructions that will teach you how to create your own art from Rubik’s cube. It cannot be denied that mosaics are the well-known art pieces made from Rubik’s cube. But despite that, you can also create a lot of artistic designs from the colors of the cube.


Street Art

Perspective drawings and street art are two of the most known forms of art. This is because these arts need immense talent. These amazing arts are made from ordinary and simple materials. In some ways, street arts have more significance compared to museum arts. This is because these colorful sketches and giant murals are incredible. Aside from that, street art does not have frames or barriers, unlike the commonly seen arts in a museum.

The murals of Rubik’s cube are painted as part of a rehabilitation program. The artists painted the wall that covers the Jewish Quarter in Budapest. For those who don’t know, the Jewish Quarter in Budapest has gone through a lot of horrible atrocities in history. But with the colorful and bright art pieces pasted on the large walls, the city started to revive. It represents the eagerness of the young generation to bring back the life of the city taken by the horrible activities that happened before.

Street Art features a vibrant and modern style of art. This is a popular form of art in urban and civilized areas. As of this moment, you may be asking about other interesting things about a Rubik’s Cube. Well, there is a popular Street Art painting made by the Neopaint Group, which covers 250 square meters.

rubiks cube art Rubik's Cube Mural

The World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube Mural

Taken from

Another interesting form of art inspired by a Rubik’s cube is perspective drawings. This kind of art is truly amazing as your eyes will view it as a real thing because of its 3D effect. Well-known forms of street perspective drawings are giant insects and large holes in the street. You can also create your 3D Rubik’s cube on a clean sheet of paper. You need the practice to perfect this form of art.



Who would think that Rubik’s cube can also be an inspiration for designing a tattoo? For some individuals, a Rubik’s cube symbolizes meanings that are far more beyond a pastime hobby during your childhood days. Different people with different perspectives can view the meaning of the puzzle differently. But in most cases, individuals believe that it symbolizes uniqueness. Take note that a single cube is composed of 43 quintillion different states. This means that no two tattoos will look the same. But again, the results will depend on different factors.

Minimalistic Rubik's cube tattoo

Kayden DiGiovanni at Dallas Tattoo

Taken from



Another well-known culture is printing Rubik’s cube on tees. This is the simplest style enabling someone to show their relation to the Rubik’s Cube without spending a lot of money to get a tattoo. You can find several t-shirts Rubik’s cube designs that you can find on the internet.

t shirt with rubiks cube

Taken from

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