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Unofficial Cubing Events

The international speedcubing community welcomes cubers of all backgrounds,  ages, and nationalities. When attending cubing events there can be a lot of new people to meet, and it may feel awkward at first. A natural icebreaker for meeting new cubers is a twist on the official speedcubing events, but more casual. The following is a list of some of the most popular informal challenges that cubers have created over the years.


A puzzle relay is an event where a competitor solves any number of twisty puzzles consecutively.  This can come in many shapes and forms, from solving multiple 3x3s to solving every cube owned by the competitor. This event is done without stopping the timer between puzzles. Some frequent relay events within the community are the 2-3-4 and 2-3-4-5. 

Watch a video of Max Park vs Chris Olson, Mats Valk, Sebastian Weyer, Patrick Ponce, Feliks Zemdegs and Kevin Hays in a 2×2-7×7 relay race here.

Real Man Events

Real Man Events are great entertainment for speedcubers who want to mix it up. These events are quickly becoming more popular within the community. This event swaps the order of a normal solve. Instead of the usual order (scramble, start timer, solve, stop timer) the Real Man begins with time, then scramble, solve, then stopping the timer. This event is fun not only because of the novelty, but also timing your scramble as well as the solve.

Guildford Challenge

This is a challenge that was created for Daniel Sheppard by the UK Delegate to the WCA competitions. This is a relay of every single WCA official event excluding the BLD (blind event). Since this task is so challenging it is usually done with teams of 2-4 competitors. Another version of this is the Mini Guildford Challenge, which leaves some of the less popular events out.

Watch youtuber Livia Kleiner complete the Mini Guildford Challenge here.

Factory Solves

This one is a great icebreaker. It is a casual group challenge completed by speedcubers, especially popular at competitions. In some cases this can even be competitive. Each competitor receives one scrambled cube and begins to solve using the CFOP method. After completing a step each competitor hands their cube to the next person on line. F2L can be divided into 4 pairs so that the cube passes through  6 people before being solved. 

Watch youtuber Parker Cubing complete a Factory Solve with his cousin here.

Team BLD

Team Blind, or team BLD, includes two competitors. This is a fun spinoff of the regular BLD event. One person is blindfolded and solves the cube according to their partner’s instructions. The blindfolded contestant does not memorize the scramble, instead completely relying on their partner. 

Watch youtuber and Pyraminx World Champion Tymon Kolanski complete this challenge here

These are some of the most well known informal cubing challenges, but the possibilities for new ones are endless. All it takes to create a new challenge is a love of cubing and a creative spark.  Will you create the next viral cubing challenge?


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