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What Are Smart Toys?

As technology advances, so do the toys our children play with. Smart toys are becoming increasingly popular and show promising results in teaching young children essential learning skills.

What Is a Smart Toy?

A smart toy is an interactive device that, through technology, has its own intelligence. As a result, these toys adjust to the player, allowing for learning development, pattern recognition, and educational growth.

When identifying smart toys, the primary word is interactive. Yes, there are connected devices out there that use electronics to provide entertainment. However, it is not a smart toy if it does not include artificial intelligence that implements holistic integrations into the gameplay.

Research shows that children learn best through personalized and integrated educational experiences. Smart toys are a great way of promoting this, as they use AI to deliver human-like intelligence to encourage developmental growth.

There is a wide range of benefits that children can gather while using their smart connected toys. Due to smart toys’ unique intelligence, children can develop beneficial social skills, promote their imagination, and enhance their education.

On the other hand, there have been some known uncertainties about smart toys. For example, since smart toys are relatively new, there is no way to predict how dependent children become on smart toys or if the toys themselves can be hacked. Many—if not most—smart toys can connect to the internet. That means they are capable of suspicious activity if there are no special locks or parent surveillance.

All in all, some specific smart toys can contribute to the healthy development of your child. Some of these toys include controlled toys, video games, board games, and other traditional toys.

someone plays a smart toy

Which Smart Toys Can Help a Child’s Development?

Seeing as there are risks to some smart toys, there are certain ones that stand out and can really contribute to your child’s play experience by offering safe and educational intelligence.


For really young children, mirrors are great toys to start with. Babies are fascinated at the sight of something that moves and changes expression. Soon, they can understand that they are looking at themselves. Through this, babies can garner more awareness.

Ring Stack

Ring stacks are also great toys for babies. As a controlled toy, a ring stack can teach young tots motor skills in addition to numbers and colors. There are also ring stacks that come with technology to speak to children as they play with the toy.


For toddlers, improving motor skills and enhancing hand-eye coordination is critical for good development. Balls are a great way to improve these skills. No matter if children bounce, roll, or throw them, they can learn a lot from these spherical objects.


Toys made for shape-sorting are perfect for toddlers who need help in developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Some shape-sorting devices can even talk back to children so that they can comprehend speech recognition as they play with different shapes.


Once children become pre-school age, they advance in their smart toys. Puzzles are like the “big kid” version of shape-sorting toys. Instead, children must create an image using broken and mismatched pieces. Puzzles teach coordination, spatial relationships, and logical thinking which is very critical for their educational future.

puzzle pieces


Pre-schoolers can also enjoy their time learning and playing with blocks. Not only do these pieces promote children’s imagination, but they can also teach problem-solving skills. You can give your child the traditional blocks, or there are special construction blocks that incorporate technology so that children can be healthily introduced to electronics.

Board Games

For older kids, board games—and even card games—challenge the way they think and introduce new concepts of strategy, problem-solving, negotiation, and cooperation. With new technology, board games have increasingly become smarter, so they can also introduce electronic concepts. Overall, smartboard games can also teach children how to control emotions that come with winning and losing.

Jump Rope

Older kids can also jump rope, which is designed to be a fun activity that also improves coordination and enhances social skills. Smart jump ropes can help children improve their skills, although they may not necessarily need the fitness tracking element. Overall, jump ropes are a great way to establish athletic and social skills in your child’s life.

girl jumping in a jump rope


The Gocube is a smart cube that connects to a tablet or smartphone. This means that you can play with the Rubik’s cube-style toy anywhere you go without actually needing the cube. All you need is your connected device. This toy can teach not only children but adults as well as new problem-solving skills, enhanced by the incorporation of technology.


As you are continuing to browse through the potential toys for your children, keep in mind all the benefits that smart toys have. They can develop and enhance essential learning skills your child needs to be a successful adult.

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