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What is the Best Rubik’s Cube Online Timer That Most Cubers Use?

Solving a Rubik’s cube is no easy feat; however, once you learn to solve one, you may want to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. The only way to achieve this is through constant practice and the tracking of your progress. In order to track your progress, you are going to need to make use of a timer specifically designed for people aiming to get the best possible times. There are various cube timers available, and picking the right one can be crucial to you becoming the next best speedcuber.


What is a Cube Timer?

There are many Rubix cube timers out there, all designed with the same goal in mind; to help you solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. These timers are specifically designed to time your solve speed of the Rubik’s cube puzzle. They work by tracking your solve times and tracking your improvements, and displaying your statistics so that you can take note of your progression and best and worst solve times. This is a very important tool in speedcubing as the name of the game is completing the puzzle in the fastest time.


How Do Cube Timers Work?

Most cube timers, whether they are cube timers for PC, cube timers online, Rubik’s cube 3 digit timers, or apps, work in a similar fashion. These interfaces involve selecting the type of cube you are completing from 3x3x3 all the way up to 7x7x7 and then starting the solve timer when you begin and end it upon completion of the puzzle. Some of the best cube timers even tabulate or translate your times onto a graph so that you can track your progress more effectively.

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Which are the Best Speed Cube Timers?

The first-timer, which is utilized by many speed solvers, is csTimer. CsTimer is a professional timing program specifically designed to help track your solve times as quickly as possible. This cube timer is available for both Mac and PC. It has a highly interactive interface that can even be customized to your liking and has training settings to help you improve with its various scramble algorithms. Unfortunately, this timer does not offer any graphs, but other than that slight drawback is highly recommended. The next Rubiks cube timer is called Cubing Time and is also designed to operate on both PC and Mac software. This timer does have graphs but has a limited number of sessions that you can track.


Should you be looking for a cube timer to run on your IOS device, then the Chao timer is probably your best bet. This timer allows you to make an unlimited amount of sessions and tracks your times in a way that is both user-friendly and easy to keep track of. This timer also can provide quick and simple hand gestures that relate to shortcuts such as starting and ending the timer and restarting it. The use of these shortcuts can prove invaluable, especially when you’re attempting to shave a few milliseconds off your time. This app also has the option for you to turn on WCA inspection. An alternate option for IOS is the ZYX Timer. This timer is very similar to Chao Timer and offers additional options like OLL, PLL, and LL practice sessions.


Should you be an Android user, the first recommended timer for you would be Twisty Timer. This timer is also extremely user friendly and has the added bonus of a graph, which is going to assist in telling you your deviation and average times while attempting to solve the puzzle. The next option for Android devices is a timer called Cube Timer. This timer is also very effective but has the drawback of multiple ads. This timer is, however, the only timer that can order your times for you.


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Now that you have all the information you may need relating to which are the best Rubik’s cube timers for your needs, you can improve on your times, and you may just become one of the world’s most elite speed-cubers. Whether you use a Mac, PC, an IOS, or Android system, there are multiple cube timers, and you are more than likely be able to find one that suits your needs.

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