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What Is the Logic Behind Solving a Rubik’s Cube?

GoCube creates interactive smart toys that are an ideal gift for kids and adults. The company, fascinated with problem-solving and applying new technologies to entertainment, connected a simple Rubik’s cube with an interactive system that allows you to learn how to solve the cube in less than one hour.

In their offers, you can find STEM toys, including a Rubik’s cube with an interactive system for teaching the movements and the logic behind solving the cube.


Solving a Rubik’s Cube is an impressive skill that you can show off at a party, work meeting, or a gathering of friends. Getting to the point when all of your Rubik’s Cube faces have the same color is also deeply satisfying, even if no one is looking.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a mathematical genius from Harvard to learn how to solve this fascinating maze. You just need to know the method, or rather methods, because there are many ways to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Some people want to focus on efficiency and speed. Those are mostly Rubik’s Cube veterans who want to improve the skills they already have. Other methods concentrate on ease-of-learning, and the group most interested in those are beginners that are just starting their adventure with a Rubik’s Cube.


These methods avoid focusing on algorithms as they can be confusing for beginners. Instead, they concentrate on solving it the most logical way possible, so the player can see what and how it is happening. If there is any algorithm used, it is usually extremely simple.

Layer-by-layer is the most common method of solving the cube for beginners. However, more experienced players can benefit by checking out this style too.


In the beginning, players have to create a cross and then use only one algorithm to put each corner in the right position. A gamer has to use two algorithms to finish the second layer. After that, 2/3 of the game is finished, which can give you a big confidence boost, especially for beginners. The last two steps might be a bit annoying because you have to learn an algorithm to get the Rubik’s Cube done.

You can use one of two algorithms to orient the edges. Then you repeat one algorithm until you get to the desired position. When you there, just repeat the same algorithm, and you are going to solve the cube.



CFOP is one of the most popular methods of solving Rubik’s Cubes on time. Jessica Friedrich developed it, and sometimes it’s also called the Friedrich Method. To solve the cube with this method, you need four steps.

The first one, called the cross, requires creating one color cross on one of the faces. In the second one, First Two Layers (F2L), a player needs to pair up a corner and edge pieces and move them to the correct location. This step can be solved intuitively and doesn’t require the use of an algorithm. The orientation of the last layer (OLL) requires creating one color on the top face, even at the cost of sacrificing the correctness of the colors on the walls. The last step is called a permutation of the last layer (PLL). The pieces of the top layer are moved while preserving their orientation. For this stage, 21 algorithms can be applied.



Whether you are holding the Rubik’s Cube in your hands for the first time or you are an experienced Rubik’s solver, these solutions might seem complicated to you. The best way to learn is through an interactive game. With GoCubes, you receive the first cubes in the world that can be connected to your phone’s screen. When you move your Rubik’s Cube’s walls, the same happens on your mobile screen.

To master your moves, you can play fun games and also join the academy, where step by step, you can learn different solving techniques and possible moves that can teach you how to solve your cube within an hour. To improve more, you get stats which you can analyze and decide on your further learning steps to become a Rubik’s Cube master.

You can try your strengths by competing with other GoCube players. Become the champion on the leaderboard and be proud of your skills, but don’t forget to keep learning because the leader’s secret lies in resistance and passion.

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