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Who Is Feliks Zemdegs?

Feliks Zemdegs - Rubik's Cube

Who Is Feliks Zemdegs?

Feliks Aleksandrs Zemdegs is an Australian speed-cubing champion. As a result of his unrivaled achievements, the cubing community considers him to be the best speed-cuber in history. He was born on the 20th of December, 1995, in Melbourne, Australia. At the age of 25 years, he already holds several world records, including the 3x3x3, solved in 4.73 seconds.

With more than 100 Rubik’s cube records to his credit, Feliks Zemdegs is driven by winning big tournaments and breaking world records.

In this article, we learn more about his achievements and life.

Felix Zemdegs’ achievements

  •   Feliks is the first to have achieved both single and average statistics for 3x3x3 through 7x7x7.
  •   He won the World Cube Association Championship twice, in 2013 and 2015.
  •   Currently, he is the second Rubik’s cube world record holder, a record that he just shattered by 0.37 seconds in 4.22 seconds. He thus dethroned SeungBeom Cho (South Korea), who held the previous record of 4.59 seconds.
  •   Feliks Zemdegs is the 3rd most successful player in 2019, and the most famous Australian professional player.
  •   He won first place in more than 610 international and national competitions, ranked 2nd in 105 games, and 3rd in 60 other Rubik’s cube contests.
  •   Felix set the world record for the 3×3×3 average 13 times and accumulated 121 different world records.
  •   He has 14 world championship trophies.

Feliks Aleksandrs Zemdegs

A bit about Feliks Zemdegs’ life

Feliks Zemdegs comes from a Latvian-origin family that settled in Australia. He developed an interest in the Rubik’s cube at an early age. He solved the regular cube for a while and purchased his first speed cube after watching speedcubing instructional videos on YouTube. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. He has continued to win championships and inspire other speedcubers to keep practicing.

Feliks has always believed in sharing his knowledge and tips with other eager speedcubers. To help others benefit from his knowledge, he started a website. CubeSkills contains tutorials for solving the Rubik’s cube and other puzzles. There are free algorithm-based tips, video lessons, and useful instructions for speedsolving. The platform also features a premium membership that gives users access to specialized video-based speed solutions. Members may also send their own videos for evaluation and review.

Some Trivia Facts about Feliks Zemdegs

  •   Since 2007, Feliks Zemdegs’ official website in English has generated more than 539,503 page views
  •   His biography is published on Wikipedia in various languages
  •   He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in economics
  •   He is good friends with Max Park, a rival champion of speed cube events
  •   “The Speedcubers”, a Netflix documentary showcasing Feliks’ and Max’ cubing achievements and friendship with each other, was released some time ago

When rivals become friends

Max Park, a hitherto unknown Californian, broke through to the highest level by winning the gold medal in 2017. Max is a Rubik’s cube champion who was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism as a child. He developed a keen interest in Rubik’s cube in childhood. Since then, Max’s ascension has been fast and steady, except for one hurdle: Feliks.

The two opponents continue to share victories and world records without ever really distancing themselves from each other. Instead of becoming bitter rivals, Feliks and Max have built a wonderful friendship that is supportive of each other. Max’s parents, who felt speedcubing would be a therapeutic way to encourage the social skills and emotional development of their severely autistic son, never imagined that his main rival would become his best friend.

A role model for Rubik’s cube enthusiasts

Feliks Aleksanders Zemdegs is one of the most successful Rubik’s cube players. He developed an interest in the game early on and quickly became a world champion. Through his website, Feliks shares tips and strategies for other speedcubers so that they can improve their game. Most importantly, he is Max Park’s friend, a champion in his own right.  The documentary “The Speedcubers” was launched on Netflix some time ago, featuring their friendship and cubing skills. In short, Feliks is one of the most recognizable cubing champions today.

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