GoCube 2×2
4.6/5 (702 Reviews)

GoCube 2×2

4.6/5 (702 Reviews)

The world’s first 2×2 digital app-enabled cube! Great for beginners! The perfect way to get into the secrets of cubing!

Challenge yourself and your family/friends with this timeless puzzle cube. And don’t be fooled by its innocent look, it is not going to be easy.. 😉

Enjoy the unique, premium features of the popular GoCube Edge – Learn, Improve & Play.

Gocube 2×2 comes with:

  • GoCube 2×2
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • A beautiful carrying pouch – great for travels!

GoCube 2×2


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1 year
30-Day Money
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Great for all ages & capabilities

The popular, AWARD-WINNING super smart GoCube, now available in its mini version.

This is the lighter (still challenging!) version of the smartest Puzzle in the world !!
GoCube 2x2 app
Have you always wanted to crack the cube?
Go from beginner to cuber to Pro in no time
Whether learning, improving, or playing, the GoCube app
takes your cubing to the next level.
Smart Sensors Continuously track and measure activity
Bluetooth 5.0 Quality wireless connection
Low Power Efficient battery, TYPE-C USB CHARGER
Frequently bought together
just got my cubes. They are awesome. Now I can try to keep my wife from beating me all the time because she cheats. yes she is that good.
Marco van der Sijpt
GoCube arrived in the Netherlands (Tilburg). A real good cube with even more possibilities than we’ve expected. Let the games begin!
‏‎Milo Moon
i bought for my son's 20th birthday. i was part of the kickstarter campaign. it arrived just in time for his birthday yesterday. he hasn't put it down since. most i have seen him smile in years.
Fun! Great gift. Super FUN! I gave this as a gift to my nephew before a two-hour car ride - kept him entertained the whole way.
M Silk
the app is amazing and the cube is phenomenal. i highly recommend the edge version. the original Rubik's cube was one of the best toys of the 1980's and this cube is a great successor.
Augmented reality Rubic Cube teacher and much more
I bought two of these on Indiegogo and have now bought another as a gift. This is little short of AMAZING! This is the VERY BEST toy and gift for any age from 5 to 95 provided there’s a smart phone available. What I wouldn’t have given to have one of these when struggling by trial and error with Rubic Cube about 39 years ago...!
‎Milo M
I bought for my son's 20th birthday as part of the kickstarter campaign. It arrived just in time for his birthday yesterday, he hasn't put it down. Most i have seen him smile in years.
Newtoplay Mike
I played the cube for last a few days, it’s very well made - comfortable in hands, easy to move and the app is so well made, very user friendly. Love the academy mode for beginners. Hat off for the team at GoCube!
‏‎Shawn Boucké
The quality of the puzzle and app make this a great cube to get. It's approachable for those who are starting, and aside from the pillowed shape actually performs amazing.
Dan Amrich
My nerd bucket list has always included trying to learn how to solve the cube. This Bluetooth enabled nerdy solution to a nerdy desire. I swear I’m finally going to learn!
Steve McIntosh
I’ve had my #GoCube for literally 5 hours, and I’m in love. It’s way better than I was hoping or expecting. Best thing I’ve ever bought. It’s such a nice speed cube, that even without all of the extra stat tracking it does, it would still be my new primary cube.
Brandon Bird
Love the teaching mechanics and the ability to test your skills against friends and others around the world! Also love the fun games they add to the mix :D
In LOVE! After just a couple hours with the tutorial, i'm now able to complete a mixed cube in under 3 minutes, Amazing!
Mark Weglarz
I have never seen Nate so enthused about anything like this GoCube. It has motivated him to practice as the tracking and competing is so well done. Bravo! to the GoCube Team on this groundbreaking product and platform.
Ahh the good old Rubik’s Cube! This toy created so much frustration during my childhood. If only the the Rubik’s Connected was around when I was growing up.
Andrew connell
A brilliant mix of fun & tech to a classic game. Initial backer to get one for my 10yr-old cuber daughter who competes. I was so impressed, I had to get one for myself... and impatiently waiting to see it ship! Great job guys!
Brian Chambers
love my GoCube! The packaging was intriguing, and the product is flawless. The cube state sensor works perfectly and the game modes are fun and engaging. I thoroughly enjoy my cube and recommend it to cubers of all skill levels!
‏‎Jon Poloff
Everything, including the packaging, is top notch! I've never solved a rubik's cube before. I've already done the first few trainings in the app, and I can't wait to finish going through them all!
jenny Ro
My new toy just got delivered, not only mine :D just played with it, messed it up and then used the app to interactively solve it!!!!! we might actually be good at rubix cubes soon
Sammy F
This gives me the perfect tool to train up and beat my little brother! Its a great gift idea for people who love games and puzzles. I’m going to be a pro in no time at all!
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